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The Luxima Mixer Tone Range

Puck Thomson juni 1, 2023

Choose MIXER tones for rich mixtures to boost other tones, or use as they are at any depth level.

The MIXER tone range contains bold, pure pigment tones as well as softer, muted mixes. When you use pure pigment tones to boost your color recipes, just a few grams – or even a drop is enough for the boost to be clearly visible in the result. We recommend that softer, muted tones are used in a ratio of at least 1/3 of the color mix, if you want to use it to boost the overall result.

Anthracite is a very pure ash mixer. When used alone on a light base, Anthracite creates a gray with a depth level of approximately 6. If you want to boost the ash pigment in light tones, add Anthracite at around 5% of the total color for a clear effect but keeping the depth level at around 8-10. Remember, the cooler the tone, the darker it will look. Also add Clear to your mixture if you want the depth level to remain clearly at 10.

Also suitable for use with the BROWN tone range, when you can add 10-30% to the mixture to lightly boost ashiness. If you want strong ash, use on its own or 50/50 with other tones.

Cool red-toned mixers. Viola is a pure, cool violet while Magenta is clearly pinker and is a slightly more intense and stronger tone. You can use these red tones on their own to freshen up color, or add 2-5% of mixer to the color to boost the tones in the lighter tone ranges. For brown tones, you can use the mixers more boldly, either 50/50 or 10-30% of the overall color mixture. This will result in bold, cool red shades in even brown tones.
The intense red mixer tones; red, orange and golden copper. Can be used alone to create strong reds or mixed with the BLOND or BROWN tone ranges to increase tone intensity.

The coolest and most intense of the muted tones. In a lightened base with a depth level of 6-7, the tone is a very strong, pure burgundy. In lighter bases, the tone approaches the colors of cyclamen flowers.

This muted tone is mixed from ash and mahogany pigments. On its own, METALLIC MAUVE works beautifully in a 6-7 base, creating a beautiful and metallic muted shade. It’s also great for boosting light tones, as it’s not too intense or dark.

TERRACOTTA is a mix of warm and cool pigment. The tone is true to the base: on a warm base the tone is a coppery rose gold while on a cooler or porous base it becomes a cool rose gold. You can use Terracotta on its own or mix it in with other tones. Terracotta is also a muted tone, so don’t be afraid to add more of it to your mixture than pure tones.

BRONZE is the most neutral mixer tone and combines copper and tobacco pigment. Copper gives the tone some clear warmth, but the tobacco pigment strongly neutralizes the mixture. You can use Bronze on its own or to neutralize cool tone mixtures.