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The Luxima Express Tone Range

Puck Thomson mars 31, 2023

The Luxima Express tone range differs from other Luxima tone ranges as the processing time for these tones is just 5 minutes. The Express tone range contains tones for depth levels 10-4. You can also mix Express tones with other Luxima tones. If you choose to do so, let process for the longer processing time. Remember that lengthening the processing time will increase the intensity of Luxima tones.

You can also mix Express tones with the Clear tone and keep the processing time at five minutes. Express is the perfect partner for color correction, toning men’s hair, and fast toning at the bowl. The COOL and NEUTRAL tones in the Express tone range also stick better to untreated hair without breaking the hair’s natural pigment structure, so the Express tones are perfect for root shadow techniques or naturally color men’s hair, as they fade beautifully over time and do not leave warm bands in untreated hair.

As its name suggests, this is a pearlescent tone that is the strongest of the Express tones at a depth level of 10. Adds a cool mix of lavender and ash without red, and counteracts warmth brilliantly

A translucent and clean light pink for express toning or mixtures to which you want to add pink without darkening the tone of the hair.

A pastel salmon pink. Depending on the tone of the hair, Salmon either takes on a warm or slightly cool appearance. The most muted shade in the depth level 10 Express tones.

A warm, sandy tone for soft and warm results, or if you want to correct a color to a warmer shade. The most delicate pigment in the Express tones.

As its name suggests, Silverfox is a silver with a depth level of 10. Perfect when used on its own or mixed to add ashiness to BLOND tones. Although Silverfox is made for a depth level of 10, it can still be mixed with Clear tone to soften the intensity.

COOL 7-8
COOL 5-6
Luxima’s Express tone range’s Neutral and Cool tones are designed for color correction and fading. They can be used to cover grays, correct leaks from foils, softly dye root shadow, or to add coolness to or neutralize other Luxima tones. Choose between depth levels 7-8, 5-6 and 4.
The best coverage is achieved by mixing both the Neutral and Cool tones together. If you simply want a soft fade, only choose one depending on the desired result. Cool tones do not become dull or violet and are very safe tones to use. Neutral tones are clearly warmer, but do not contain warm pigments, so the result isn’t warm even with neutral tones. The perfect choice for customers who want to darken their base but not commit to a regular dyeing cycle. Luxima fades beautifully from the hair, remaining true to the tone and does not leave behind any unwanted warmth.