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The Luxima Brown Tone Range

Puck Thomson mars 31, 2023

Choose a BROWN tone if you want muted, brown tones and whenever you want to deepen or freshen up the tone of colored hair at depth levels 4-6 or 6-8. For customers who want a strong color with a three-dimensional result and a variety of shades in the lengths and ends. You can apply Luxima BROWN tones from root to tip, or color the root with Four Reasons Optima and then freshen up the lengths and add shine quickly and easily with Luxima.

If using Luxima together with Optima, use an applicator bottle to apply Luxima to the ends approx. 15 minutes before the end of the processing time and let process. Or you can apply Luxima immediately after the root color for a deeper and more intense tone as the processing time is longer.

6-8.11 Mineral Grey
Tone .11 in the Luxima BROWN tone range is a very strong ashy tone that can be used to effectively counteract various copper tones, or whenever you want an extremely cool result. Mixing the tone at a ratio of 50/50 with Clear will ensure that the color stays at depth level 8.

1-6.12 Espresso
4-6.25 Chocolate Cherry
6-8.12 Ice Coffee
6-8.25 Maroon Brown
Tones .12 and .25 are perfect for cooling brown tones. Note, however, that in a lightened base, the iridescence in the tones will come through strongly. If you want to avoid strong iridescence, add some of the more neutral BROWN tones to balance the mixture. For example, tones .13 and .35 are perfect for neutralizing these tones. 4-6.32 DARK CHOCOLATE 4-6.13 FRENCH ROAST 6-8.32 MILK CHOCOLATE 6-8.13 MOCHACCINO .32 and .13 are soft, neutral brown tones. They work perfectly together or alone if you don’t want a clearly warm or cool result. They achieve a neutral yet multi-tone result with shine. .32 and .13 are also a perfect pair for adding lowlights on a light base. Mix the tones in a ratio of 50/50

4-6.73 BROWNIE
6-8.35 TRUFFLE
The warmest tones in the BROWN tone range. Use alone or mix together for warmer mixtures without worrying about bright copper or red tones. The tones are translucent and muted, so the result is always natural and the tone base is more brown than red. The Luxima BROWN tone range also contains an exception, as it contains the .12 tone at a depth level of 2-4.
2-4.12 Black Leather is meant for use on very dark and almost black hair. This adds translucence to even the darkest hair so that the surface reflects light beautifully. The cool pigments in the tone mean that dark hair remains cool even in bright light.