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The Luxima Base Tone Range

Puck Thomson mars 31, 2023

BASE tones are designed for dyeing untreated hair. The benefit of Luxima is that it can be used to tone highlights and even light tones will tone only the highlights and not the customer’s natural hair between them. Sometimes, however, you also want to change the tone of untreated hair using Luxima. That’s when you bring out the BASE.

BASE tones increase coverage and the capacity to even out the color. They are easy to use for darkening or brightening untreated hair color and for covering grays. You can use BASE tones mixed with other colors or as they are.

Don’t forget: if you’re darkening light hair by more than 3 levels using Luxima, add at least one part BASE tone at the desired depth level to make sure that the tone has enough pigments to add depth.

BASE tones differ from other Luximas because you always choose a 3% or 6% oxidizer with them depending on the color you want to achieve. Darkening, deepening and gray coverage are done with a 3% oxidizer while brightening untreated hair is done using a 6% oxidizer.

BASE covers grays by almost 100%, but because Luxima is designed to fade softly and true to the tone, the chosen tone will lighten slightly between salon appointments and won’t leave a clean-cut line between dyed hair and gray hair. Although the color will lighten, its tone will not change and the shine will remain beautiful until your next salon visit. Perfect for customers who want to cover grays without continuous dyeing!