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Possible Services Using Luxima

Puck Thomson mars 31, 2023

You can offer shine treatment to any customer! Even if your customer comes in for a simple cut, you can use Luxima to offer a quick, 15-minute shine treatment as an added service while their hair is washed. Perfect for customers who shy away from color but want to try something new. Cheer up the hair by adding a light tone and brilliant shine with Luxima.

Has your customer booked an appointment to just touch up their roots? No more! With Luxima you can quickly and easily add three-dimensional freshness to the ends without increasing the processing time for the root color.

Color correction has never been so easy! You can use Luxima to even out the base tone and create beautiful colors for even the most porous hair. Did bleach accidentally run off the foil and get on the root? No problem! Brush Neutral or Cool from Luxima’s Express tone range on the area that needs correction to get rid of the problem in just 5 minutes.

Does your customer want gray coverage without the ruler-straight root growth that strong full colors leave behind? Luxima can hide almost 100% of grays, but guarantees a softer grow-out for the customer. Luxima color will soften over the weeks but remain true to the tone, so the root growth isn’t as clean-cut and the customer can enjoy a deeper and darker tone in their hair.

Tone your highlights without worrying about the base lightening during toning! Not even Luxima’s lightest tone sticks to untreated hair, and therefore keeps unwanted yellowness at bay.

Can toning hair be this easy? With Luxima it can! Luxima’s unique pigment structure and unique pigment mixes guarantee that you can’t fail with Luxima. Forget your fear of dull results or overtoned blond shades. Whether you use them on their own or create bold mixes, the possibilities are endless with Luxima.

Psst! As Luxima is so gentle, you can also use it to tone hair directly after texture treatments!