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How to use Luxima

Puck Thomson mars 20, 2023

Four steps to successful coloring with Luxima

#1 Choosing the right tone range
Pay attention to the depth levels of the base. For example, on a base with a depth level of 8, you can use tones with either a depth level of 8-10 or 7-9, as the base is light enough for both. If you use a depth level of 8-10, the base will stay at a depth level of 8. If you choose to use a depth level of 7-9, the end result will deepen slightly and the color will be more intense, as the 7-9 depth level contains more pigment than the 8-10 depth level.

#2 Mixing ratio and choosing an oxidizer
The Luxima mixing ratio is always 1:2 (1 part color and 2 parts oxidizer) When toning colored or lightened hair, choose a 1.5% oxidizer Use a 3% oxidizer if you are darkening untreated hair, covering grays, or evening out color using a BASE tone To brighten untreated hair using a BASE tone, use a 6% oxidizer

#3 Application method
Luxima can be applied in two different ways. You can apply the tone using a brush or an applicator bottle. If you want an intense color, particularly around the root, use a brush and then apply quickly and easily to the ends with an applicator bottle. Luxima’s gel-like composition means it can be applied to generous sections. After application, lightly massage the product into the hair. Luxima contains foaming agents and by massaging Luxima in, you will help it to absorb into the hair. The amount of color will affect the intensity of the tone, but by massaging the product evenly into the hair, even a small amount of color will go a long way.

#4 Processing time
Luxima takes 15 minutes to process. There are, however, a few exceptions. The processing time for the Express tone range is 5 minutes. Please note, however, that if you mix EXPRESS tones with other Luxima tone ranges, let process for the longer processing time. When mixed with other Luxima tones, the depth of the EXPRESS tone will intensify as the processing time lengthens. When using the BASE tone range, the processing time is 30 minutes. You can use BASE to e.g. strongly darken the hair, cover grays, or brighten the natural root. All of the processing times can be lengthened to boost the end result. The longer the processing time, the deeper and more intense the result.

After the processing time, emulsify, rinse, and wash the hair.