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About Luxima Hair Color

Puck Thomson juni 2, 2023

What kind of color is Luxima?

The composition of Four Reasons Luxima is based only on toned pigments and keeps the subtle differences in depth in the base visible while creating a three-dimensional impression. This always makes the end result unique, exceptionally vibrant and multi-toned – exactly what today’s customers want. Hair toned with Luxima never looks dyed or unnatural; instead, it sparkles in a clear and natural way. Luxima hair color is ammonia-free and 100% vegan.

Four reasons to choose Luxima:

#1 Three-dimensional result
Luxima’s achieves a unique three-dimensional result due to its pigment structure. Normally, hair color consists of pigments that provide depth and pigments that provide tone, but Luxima’s tones are made only from toned pigments, so hair dyed with Luxima retains the subtle differences in depth in the base. How can Luxima have different depth levels if the colors are only made from toned pigments? Luxima tones vary in depth depending on the amount of toned pigment they contain. The deeper and darker the tone, the more pigment it contains. This achieves darker tones without adding base color pigment to the composition.

#2 Reflective shine
Luxima’s shine comes from the Shine Enhance Complex, which contains nutritious vegetable oils that strengthen and boost the color pigments’ ability to reflect light. Toned pigments naturally reflect light well, but thanks to its unique Shine Enhance Complex, Luxima provides an unprecedented, crystal-like shine. SHINE ENHANCE COMPLEX – REFLECTIVE SHINE WITH NATURAL OILS AND EXTRACTS Limnanthes alba seed oil Extracted from the seeds of limnanthes alba (meadowfoam), this oil highlights the hair’s natural shine, gives it texture and a soft feel. Calendula extract Known for its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, calendula extract is rich in moisturizing ingredients that make hair healthy and shiny. Strength from vitamins Vitamins E and C are antioxidants that care for hair, protect it from UV rays and improve the durability of the color. We only use plant-based vitamins, and Luxima is a 100% vegan product range, just like Four Reasons’ other products.

#3 Ammonia-free and low-alkaline composition
Luxima is a completely ammonia-free color range with a very low-alkaline composition. The low alkalinity means that among other things, Luxima does not color untreated, natural hair, so e.g. when toning highlights, the natural base doesn’t lift to amplify unwanted warmth between the highlights. Luxima is therefore the perfect choice for toning highlights and lifts, using over perms or on porous hair, and whenever you want to add shine and color without risking the condition of the hair. pssst! It’s also possible to use Luxima on untreated hair! Read more in the BASE tone family section!

#4 Quick to use
Luxima has a gel-like composition, which makes it extremely easy to apply using a brush or applicator bottle. Luxima is also economical to work with, as the gel-like composition means you need significantly less toner than when working with traditional cream toners. The toner applies quickly and evenly to the surface of the hair and saves time, which is an important factor for us hairdressers. The instructions on how to use Luxima and the processing times are very clear and simple. The colors have descriptive names and the light tones already contain substances to counteract yellow undertones, so coming up with mixes is easy – you can do great with just one tone or come up with a unique mix just for your customer.